Monday, May 3, 2010

Cluster V Stitch

Wanted to start crocheting after seeing one of my friends Anitha. Wanted to learn some of the designs from her. But thought of doing some home-work before learning from Anitha. So, opened youtube and kept on browsing the videos for that and watched numerous videos. Most of them are Teresa's only. Then thought of starting crochet by myself and started with a simple stitch i.e Cluster V Stitch. At the beginning I didn't concentrate on how to crochet at the ending of the rows and starting a new row and did some mistakes. After that only I realized that even edges have a design. So, after 4-5 rows concentrated on edges too.

First I have put this mat as a cover to the DVD player which is in black colour. Both the yarn and DVD player are dark colours and did not give much look. Then I have put this on the Micro-wave, then the look was good. So be cautious at the time of selecting colours.

After crocheting this I learnt : Even edges have design and be cautious at the time of selecting colours.


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