Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Design Rangoli 1

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tunisian Stitch

This is the stitch I started long back. This stitch is different from other stitches. It looks like knitting and crocheting at the time of making it. But it is not knitting. It is crochet only. But to do this it has a special needle.

I was in quite dilemma what to make with this after starting it too. I was kept doing but don't know what am I going to do with that exactly. Finally, I made a pillow cover with that. I attached a zip at that back so that I can remove the pillow and wash the pillow cover whenever I want.

I learned 'Tunisian Stitch' from this video. Click here to watch the video.

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Ripple Stitch

I loved 'Ripple Stitch'. Thought of making something with that. I didn't do any searching for this. Charu gave me a video link of this stitch which made my task easy. I should say thanks for that to Charu.

So, finally decided to make a sofa back rest cover with ripple stitch. I did this stitch with "Caron's Simple Soft" Chocolate color and Bone color. It took 2 bundles of each color and each bundle is 7 0z. one.

I made 375 chains for 34 ripples to come that length. But 315 is enough (21 ripples) I guess. I folded the extra edges.

Shall we look at the stitch little closer?

And long view?

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pineapple Doily

After seeing Anitha's "Oval Pineapple Doily" I can't say in words how much I liked it. I asked her to teach this one. But deep in my thought I knew that I couldn't make it.

I picked this pattern from free crochet. You can even find in learn-how-to-crochet. But I found the earlier once is easy.

This Oval pineapple doily consists of 33 rows and after completion of 18th row the doily looks like this. But from 15th row - 19th row there is a small mistake in it. If you are going to start check it out carefully or you can ask me.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Square Coaster

I picked this pattern from Panda Crochet. One of my friends Charu sent this link to me. While going through the link I found this "Square Coaster" pattern. This "Square Coaster" consists of only 5 rounds which is easy to finish up. I gave a try crocheting it with a double yarn and succeeded. But for this coaster I made one mistake. That is I crocheted with a baby yarn which is very soft and finally the pattern is not clearly visible. And for a coaster it is a wrong selection of yarn. After I have put weight on it, it has become flat too. The white one is baby yarn and the pick one is normal yarn.

The lesson which I learnt after crocheting this coaster is "Don't use baby yarns unless needed."
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Small Doily

This is my second doily which I made from a written pattern. I picked this from Free Crochet Site and click here for the pattern. Actually this pattern is for a trivet. But I made it as a doily which suits the small artificial flower plant in my house. Started learning to read the patterns slowly by myself. And did not join the edge properly but felt lazy to rip the yarn and rejoin and I cut the yarn. So, whenever I see the wrong crocheted edge I am feeling I might have ripped and tried again.

The lesson I learnt after making this doily is : "If you come to know that you had made a mistake, don't be lazy. Just rip the yarn and do it again. Don't be hurry to finish it up.

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Octagon Shaped Doily

I have picked this pattern from Wiki How. Actually the pattern is to show how to crochet a round. Knowingly I did not make any mistake. I counted every round and wrote the counts on a paper too. But it has taken this octagon shape which exactly matched my octagon shaped corner table.

In the link they have mentioned till fifth round and the doily which I made consists of 26 rounds.

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Shell Variation Stitch

I picked this shell variation from youtube. Teresa explained how to crochet this stitch very nicely in this video. I think nobody can teach easier than this. I started learning and crocheting together so made some mistakes at the edges.

The lesson I learnt after crocheting this is : Be careful at the edges.

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Cluster V Stitch

Wanted to start crocheting after seeing one of my friends Anitha. Wanted to learn some of the designs from her. But thought of doing some home-work before learning from Anitha. So, opened youtube and kept on browsing the videos for that and watched numerous videos. Most of them are Teresa's only. Then thought of starting crochet by myself and started with a simple stitch i.e Cluster V Stitch. At the beginning I didn't concentrate on how to crochet at the ending of the rows and starting a new row and did some mistakes. After that only I realized that even edges have a design. So, after 4-5 rows concentrated on edges too.

First I have put this mat as a cover to the DVD player which is in black colour. Both the yarn and DVD player are dark colours and did not give much look. Then I have put this on the Micro-wave, then the look was good. So be cautious at the time of selecting colours.

After crocheting this I learnt : Even edges have design and be cautious at the time of selecting colours.

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Table Mat

I was really inspired after seeing Anitha's crochet work. So, thought of starting something instantly. Immediately this one came into my mind. One of my friends Sowjanya taught me when I was in 10th class. I made a hand purse with this. Though it is not related to crochet but something with yarn.

I loved the colour combination which I chose for this table mat.

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